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What's OnceWear all about?

OnceWear.com is a do-it-yourself online marketplace to SHOP, SELL and SWAP new and gently used designer clothes, jewelry and accessories.  As fashion forward modern women, we know the pressure (not to mention the cost) to look polished, on-trend and beautiful for every special occasion or event we attend.  From weddings to holidays no woman wants to wear the same outfit twice!  If you are anything like us, you shutter at the thought of having to spend the obligatory small fortune it costs to buy a brand new ensemble for every single event on our social calendar!  Thanks to OnceWear.com, you now have the ability to save hundreds of dollars, re-coup some of your previously spent money and/or find the absolute perfect outfit for you at a fraction of what it would cost new!

How it works?

Many of us have closets full of top-quality, stunning, and very expensive saris, kurtas, and lehengas (as well as jewelry and accessories to match!) that have been worn only once or twice.  Why not turn those gently used items that you don’t plan on wearing again into cash?  Take a few minutes and inventory your closet at home, pull out anything you don’t plan to wear again and start the super easy process.  That exquisite $500 outfit you wore to your brothers wedding last summer - is just what someone else is looking to buy!  Sell the entire look together for one price or sell things piece by piece!  It’s as simple a snapping a picture!

And we handle the entire transaction for worry free buying, selling and swapping with OnceWear.com’s “no fee until you sell or swap” your items policy, there is truly nothing to loose!

Enjoy looking around our “online boutique” we know that after your first transaction you’ll be hooked!  Sign up for a free OnceWear.com account today and start buying, selling and swapping.  There is no reason to wait - start showing off how cost effective and savvy being a fashionista can be! Be the first of your family and friends to start saving, selling and swapping, after all you are always on the forefront of the latest and greatest, aren’t you!