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OnceWear Cares 

One of those most important things in life is being appreciative of all that we have. OnceWear.com and many of its community members are very lucky and have been blessed with comfortable lives wherein starvation isn’t a constant nagging threat. The unfortunate reality is that in the United States and throughout the world, hunger is a very real and devastating condition that plagues far too many communities. Real poverty strikes families of every walk of life and doesn’t discriminate against age, gender or ethnicity- it devastates people of all walks of life. No matter the individual situation, hunger can cause a host of health problems as well as emotional- constantly searching for food and wondering where your next meal will come from- if at all can ruin the resolve of the strongest person. Children who are in a constant state of hunger and in throws of malnutrition may not grow correctly and may become permanently ill- never mind trying to learn and perform in school. Poverty and hunger is perpetuated through generations of helpless and powerless people with no real opportunity to change things. Feeding someone that would have otherwise not eaten is the kind of real opportunity for hope that those who are suffering from starvation need.

Because of all of these harsh facts OnceWear.com has partnered with My Next Meal to provide the hungry with food in the U.S and India. OnceWear.com donates a portion of every transaction fee towards feeding a starving human via MyNextMeal.org. According to the MyNextMeal.org non-profit website, the organization was created by “a few people who decided to make a change and to make a difference.” My Next Meal is the creation of a few determined, hardworking people that joined together in the common goal of helping erase modern world hunger. The organizations home page offers much in the way of perspective, “for many of us, when we think about our next meal, we think about what it will be, but for others they wonder when it will be. Sadly, this is a harsh reality for millions of children, women, elderly and poverty stricken families all over the world including India.” It has become painfully clear that there is a need for help in this cause and OnceWear.com is happy to rise to the occasion and donate towards this worthwhile cause.  We urge any OnceWear.com community members interesting in getting involved in helping this cause to please visit My Next Meal or you can find more information and link for donation at OnceWear. Don’t forget every time a sale or a swap takes place OnceWear.com donates, so any of our OnceWear.com community members can help simply by doing what you love to do- Sell, Shop, and Swap!