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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't included below, please email - support@oncewear.com

What is OnceWear?

OnceWear is the ultimate online marketplace that makes it truly easy to shop, sell and swap your new and gently used South Asian ethnic apparel, Indian costume jewelry and accessories for women, men and children of all ages. The marketplace is made up of individuals like you, who are looking for a better, simpler place to make and save money online.

What makes OnceWear different from other online marketplaces?

OnceWear removes the friction and hassle from buying, selling and swapping online. We are dedicated to bringing together individuals like you buyers and sellers of new and gently worn South Asian ethnic wear, jewelry and accessories.  Many of us love to wear new styles to each of the major events in our lives, but it’s not a luxury we can all afford.  OnceWear allows you to buy new or like-new items at a fraction of the retail cost.

As a seller, you can list your items for sale in a few minutes. When your item sells, you ship the item and provide us order-tracking number. When order received by the buyer, you can withdraw your cash proceeds after 3 days directly to your bank account or receive a check.

As a buyer, you can browse thousands of new and like-new items and save up to 80% or more off the retail prices. Before purchasing, we encourage you to thoroughly review photos, description, condition, and contact the seller with any questions about this item.

As a swapper, if you like someone’s else outfit, you can make an offer and if accepted by an another swapper, you can swap your item for a small flat fee plus the shipping expense.

Do I have to create an account?

Yes, to sell or swap you will have to create an account.  Just click on Sign Up and it will take less than a minute to create a new account or you can sign up through Facebook.  Membership is totally free.

Is OnceWear currently available outside the United States?

Not yet!  OnceWear is currently only available to residents of the United States. We will expand our services to other countries in near future, so please stay tuned!

What if I get asked to take a transaction outside of OnceWear?

A buyer or seller may receive an offer to conduct a transaction through means other than the OnceWear checkout page.  This is against OnceWear’s Terms and Conditions and user that violate this policy are at risk for permanent account termination. If you receive an offer to buy, sell or swap outside of OnceWear, please report us by emailing support@oncewear.com

Thank you helping us maintain happy OnceWear community!  

How do I edit my account information?

Login to your account, from the drop down menu click on My Account -> User Profile, where you can edit your profile, contact information and more.

What is my Wish List?

Your wishlist keeps track of the items you desire to buy or swap.

Where can I read my messages?

Login to your account, from the drop down menu click on My Account -> Inbox to read your sent and received messages.

How do I edit an item that I listed?

Login to your account, from the drop down menu click on My Account -> Sell Items then click Edit on the item you want to edit.

How do I contact another member?

Once you are in the items detail page, you will see the sellers info.  Click on Ask me button to ask the seller questions about the item for sale.

What if the item I received was not as described?

After an item has been received we allow three days for the new owner to inspect the item. If s/he notes a discrepancy between the stated condition and the received item please do the following:

Contact the Seller:  All disputes should first be directed to the seller and explain why the item you received was not as described. Also, copy your email to support@oncewear.com.

Remember, OnceWear.com is only a marketplace to shop, sell, and swap.  As such we are not responsible for any members actions.  If you cannot reach an agreeable solution, we will do everything to help to resolve the dispute. We can ask the buyer to ship back the item to our headquarters, if needed for further inspection.

Please read our Resolving Disputes policy.

What if I don’t receive an item?

Contact the seller and ask when you can expect delivery of your item.  You can also ask seller to provide you the shipping tracking information. If you don’t hear back from seller for your inquiries within three days, please contact us at support@oncewear.com.

Is my information secure?

Yes.  Your privacy and security are important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy for a complete description of how we treat confidential information. Our secure online checkout system is provided by PayPal.