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Note: For detail Shipping Information, please click here to go to Shipping Tips.

Shipping Calculator:


Most of the items can be shipped in a medium box. We recommend flat rate shipping boxes (Priority) and envelopes as provided by the USPS. The 2014 updated price list is as follows:

You can also purchase a delivery confirmation for under a dollar from USPS! 


The average weights for commonly shipped items. E.g:

Small Box Items (1-2 lbs)

Necklace, Bracelets, Earrings, Light weight shawl etc. 

Medium box items ( 2-3 lbs)

Light weight Sari, Salwar Kamez, Anarkali, Churidar, Lehenga etc.

Large box items ( 3-4 lbs)

Heavy weight Sari,  Salwar Kamez, Anarkali, Churidar, Lehenga etc.